Inclusion Policy

Inclusion / Exclusion Criteria

Purpose: To promote and maintain an accurate list of service providers in our 2-1-1 database and to treat each request for inclusion in a transparent and fair manner.

A. PRINCIPLE: The 2-1-1 database provides free referrals to citizens requiring help in a wide variety of health and human services. 2-1-1 Mendocino County does not provide free referrals to businesses that make a profit from their service as a result of the 2-1-1 referrals. This list of criteria for inclusion/exclusion is not meant to be exhaustive, and 2-1-1 Mendocino county reserves the right to change or modify these criteria at its discretion.


 Should include:

  •  Non-profit and governmental agencies providing a health or human service in Mendocino County.
  • Organizations that offer a service to the community at large, not just their own members: i.e. churches and social clubs.
  • Hospitals.
  • For-profit organizations that offer special discounts and/or very low prices to citizens who qualify for low-income assistance.
  • Private organizations providing a service not adequately addressed by the non-profit sector.

  Should exclude:

  • Private for-profit organizations that don't meet the above criteria.
  • Private practitioners or therapists.
  • Agencies that deny service on the basis of color, race, religion, sexual orientations, ancestry or nationality.
  • Illegal services.
  • Agencies that misrepresent their services in any way.
  • Any agency or organization which, at the discretion of 2-1-1 Mendocino County, should be excluded.